Live Hackle Birds & Hatching Eggs

genetic hackle chicks

Hatch your own chicks from our high quality genetic breeders! 

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to raise your own hackle birds.  This is an  amazing assortment of colors and traits.  These are the same quality eggs we set in our own incubators.  

premium hatching eggs

Genetic Hatching Eggs:

- One dozen $90

-Two dozen $170

Price includes all shipping, packaging, and inspection fees. US ONLY!!

Eggs may be shipped or picked up at our farm!

These eggs are the same  quality and genetics we set in our own incubators.  All eggs are carefully selected for the best possible hatch rate. Because there are too many factors beyond our control once eggs leave our care, There is NO guarantee of any kind on hatching eggs or color, quality or gender of offspring.

                                       Live Birds

Young Adult Genetic Chickens

-These are limited quantity and sold on a first come first served basis!!!

-Prices vary according to quality and gender of the bird.

-Sold in pairs or trios (for shipping purposes)

-May be shipped through the US postal service most places in the continental US. 

-Contact me for availability and pricing Call or text Joel @ 814-795-7188