Alsdorf Predator Hackle 

These feathers are unique! We have developed a very special line of birds to yield superior traits for tying outstanding predator flies.  They have it all, texture, color, sheen, size and motion, oh my!!

Gone are the days of using dry fly saddles for your musky flies!!

Here's what you guys are doing with them! Thanks for the Pics!

Actual customer remarks!

C.B. of Pennsylvania wrote; "I Just got those feathers in the mail, and holy cow!! Perfect length and way wider than the previous predator packs", "Those feathers are freaking perfect."


K.K. of Nevada wrote; "these are really sweet Joel".


C.N. of Alberta Canada wrote " I'm very glad I found you, these predator packs are exactly what I need for pike flies".


T.B. of Tennessee remarked "these feathers are way nicer than I expected, keep up the good work". 


C. M. of California commented,

"its awesome how these feathers and buck tails match, who knew? You should definitely tell your other customers"